Nokia Extra Power - Charge the DC-11 device

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Charge the DC-11 device

Before charging the DC-11 device,
carefully read "Battery and charger

Warning: Use only chargers
approved by Nokia for use
with this particular model.

The use of any other types may invalidate
any approval or warranty, and may be

When you disconnect the power cord of
any accessory, grasp and pull the plug,
not the cord.

1. Connect a compatible charger to

a power source.

2. Connect the charger cable to the

charger connector on the DC-11
device. The device switches on.

The indicator light flashes during

charging. If the light is not
displayed, check that the charger is
properly connected to the DC-11

3. When the DC-11 device is fully

charged, the indicator light stops
flashing. Disconnect the charger
from the DC-11 device, then from
the power source.

The DC-11 device can also be charged
through a USB port of a compatible PC
using the Nokia connectivity cable
CA-100 or CA-126 (sold separately).
Connect one end of the cable to the
charger connector on the DC-11
device and the other end to a USB port
on the PC.

While charging the DC-11 device, you
can use it to charge the battery in one
or two devices. Connect the device or
devices to the DC-11 device.

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