Nokia Extra Power - Charge the battery of the other device

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Charge the battery of the other device

You can use the DC-11 device to
charge the battery in two devices at
the same time.

The fully charged DC-11 device has
enough power to fully charge a 950
mAh battery once.

1. If the charger plug you want to use

is inserted into the end of the
DC-11 device, pull the plug out
from the recess, and uncoil the
charging cable from the side of
the device.

2. Connect the charger plug to the

other device.

3. Press the power key of the DC-11


The indicator light flashes during

charging. If the light does not
flash, check that the other device is
properly connected to the DC-11
device. If the light is not displayed,

charge the DC-11 device, and press
the power key to switch it on.

If the DC-11 device cannot start

charging the other device within
about 30 seconds, the DC-11
device switches off.

4. Check the charge level from the

connected device.

5. When the battery in the other

device becomes fully charged, the
indicator light stops flashing and
is continuously shown for about
30 seconds, and the DC-11 device
switches off. You can also stop
charging and switch off the DC-11
device by pressing and holding the
power key for about 5 seconds.
The DC-11 device automatically
switches off if it becomes

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When you charge the battery of

a low-power device such as a
Bluetooth headset, the indicator
light may continue flashing even
after the battery has been fully

6. Disconnect the DC-11 device from

the other device.

7. To carry the DC-11 device with

you, insert the charging cable into
the side slot, and push the charger
plug into the recess.